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Stop allowing money to control your life

Learn how to manage your money with a new, holistic approach, so that you can grow to control your money, and stop letting it control you.

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Every good building begins with a solid foundation

Unlike other programs, Money University is scientifically based and focuses on your marriage and relationships first... identifying your communication differences, understanding each person's individual money language, and dealing with current hurt and frustration. 

After this foundation is layed you will then learn how to have financial prosperity.



To fix a hurting relationship you must first "heal thyself." Start by learning and understanding your 2 Money Personalities.

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Understanding your partner's Money Personalities gives you a common money language you can communicate with.



 Now that you and your partner have a mutual understanding you can begin to heal existing hurt and frustration.

Live Classroom Experience

From day one you'll get a world-class education on everything you need to know about starting, implementing and changing yourself and your family into the best Money Selfs. 

Beginning to Advanced Courses

You can start with 101 courses to get your feet wet and begin your journey in the world of money. Once you get the basics down we have advance level courses that will send you and your relationships soaring to incredible heights.

Extensive & Growing Library

In addition to hours of video content, the Money University library is jam packed full of worksheets and bonus resources. Enjoy over 40 PDFs that you can download or print to read at any time.

Wealth Wednesday Calls

Each week we hop on a Facebook Live video call with our viewers. As a Money University member you'll have an elite opportunity to submit your own questions, topics, and situations for The Money Couple to address on Wealth Wednesday!

Brought to you by... 

The Money Couple 

Scott & Bethany Palmer have dedicated their lives to helping others strengthen their relationships with the 5 Money Personalities. With 43 years of combined financial planning experience, they are regulars on national TV and radio, and speak internationally about love and money. 

They have put in countless hundreds of hours of research into the Money & Me Blueprint report, and even enlisted the support of a Stanford educated statistician.

As Seen On:

“Just wanted to let you know how much Dan & I are enjoying your classes. They have been so much fun and have helped to open both of our eyes to our different perspectives. Thanks again for teaching such an amazing class.

DeLayne Seale

“[The Palmers] offer practical help and hope to those who long to deftly navigate the unpredictable waters of financial fidelity. The sooner you adopt the Palmer’s no-nonsense balanced perspectives – the better off you will be – in many more ways than one!”

Ellie Lofaro

Paced to Fit Your Busy Life

We've been there before - we eagerly sign up for an online program, something that is exactly what we have been looking for. Then it starts and they expect us to watch half hour videos every day, read through extensive PDFs, and live sessions on the instructor's schedule. It's overwhelming - like we're back in college again!

Money University is paced to fit within your busy life. We release 1 module each week, complete with a video, a worksheet, and bonus resources that you can consume at your own speed. It will challenge you without being overwhelming.

Money University Course Schedule

12 courses and nearly 60 modules of unique, valuable content

Track 1: Money 101

  • Course 1: Getting Your Money Household in Order (7 modules)
  • Course 2: Money Mindset (6 modules)

Track 2: Relationship Track

  • Course 3: Money Fights (6 modules)
  • Course 4: Relationship Prosperity (7 modules)
  • Course 5: Wealth Together (9 modules)
  • Course 6: Kids & Money (4 modules)
  • Course 7: Money Personalities - A Deeper Look

Track 3: Financial Track

  • Course 8: Budgeting (3 modules)
  • Course 9: Debt (3 modules) 
  • Course 10: Investments (8 modules)
  • Course 11: Insurance (2 modules)
  • Course 12: Retirement (3 modules) 

What is Money University all about?

Money University is a new, unique, and fun online course for any person who wants to have the Marriage and Relationship they have always dreamed of. It is comprised of individual modules that build upon one another to teach formulas and systems for navigating and experiencing success with Money and Relationships.

Our system digs deep into finances, but goes far beyond dollars and cents, enriching both partnerships and portfolios.

By completing Money University you will have more hope, laughter, and love in your relationship.

The #1 cause of divorce in the United States is money! Couples spend their days and nights picking at each other, harboring mistrust, nagging, begging, slamming doors, and throwing in the towel. Couples have had enough - but there is a solution. Money University offers scientific data for each individual, so they can truly understand themselves and their partner. 

Only then can compassion, hope, love, and laughter replace the feelings of being controlled, fearful, misunderstood, or frustrated about money.

None of us can avoid money. Every day involves some kind of transaction, and if we aren't operating in harmony with our mate, each day has the possibility for tension, judgment, or yet another toxic fight. The Money University non-boring, non-textbook, lively sessions address:

  • individual approaches
  • communication differences
  • when and how to discuss money
  • the 5 Money Personalities
  • the roots of financial infidelity
  • the Money Dump
  • the Money Huddle
  • how to fight fair
  • ways to make your relationship mutually fulfilling
  • and much more!

No amount of money erases the pain of feeling mistrusted or misunderstood. This course puts an end to unhealthy thinking and corrosive patterns about money. It helps you establish new patterns so that both your partnership and your portfolio profit.

We have both been financial advisors for over 25 years and have been married for almost 20. We have spent every single day of those 20 years working together without killing each other. We have crawled out of debt and started three businesses. We are optimistic about couples' ability to really enjoy each other and succeed even through money problems, misunderstandings, and pain. During your time at Money University, you will not be shamed, humiliated, or embarrassed

Instead, you will build a healthy foundation for your relationship with your partner and with money.

Our goal is rich, happy relationships. You dial up the joy and the fun in your house (and stop the nagging and fights!) when you understand each other better. Unlike other financial advisors, we use scientific data to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses as a couple. The way you approach money is an inborn trait just like your height. We help you put the positives to work for your finances.

We also believe no money mess up has to spell disaster for your relationship. There is no shame in struggling with money or with your relationship. We all have. But we offer tools so you can skip the struggle, lock horns less, and enjoy each other and the money you have worked so hard to earn.

Money University can help you dig out of debt, save for the future, curb expenses, spend to create memories, explore starting your own business, encourage you to bless others with what you have, but we also understand that money goes beyond dollars and cents. Other educational options forget that important piece. What good will your money be if you can't enjoy it with a happy family?

Every individual and every couple deserves to better understand themselves, their money, and their relationships so that they can stress less and fully enjoy every single day of their life. That's why we created Money University.

We hope to see you on the inside.

Make it happen!

Scott & Bethany Palmer

The Money Couple

Join Money University Today & Save $10 Each Month (For the First Year!)

As a way of saying THANK YOU to our earliest participants in Money University, we are offering a special discount price for a limited time!

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Join Money University Today and Save $10 Each Month!

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